Birth Option Services
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Los Angeles, South Bay, Long Beach, and Orange County Areas   
We offer:

Childbirth Education

Birth/Labor Doula Services

Lactation Education
Lactation Support

Labor/Birth Tub Rentals 

Babywearing Education

Baby Carriers
Cloth Diapering

Few other experiences in life compare to the joy of birth. We want you to have the best, safest, and most rewarding birth experience possible. Our passion is to educate couples in childbirth so that informed parents can make responsible decisions and maximize their birth experience. We believe most women can give birth naturally. Cesarean sections should be RARE! The goal is to have a healthy mom, healthy baby and healthy family!

Giving birth is the most empowering experience a woman will ever have in her life. She will never forget her birth experiences and will carry them with her all her life.

Would you go out for an Olympic event without training? Would you try to run a marathon without first practicing? 


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